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Company news about What should I do if my mini excavator is weak uphill?

What should I do if my mini excavator is weak uphill?


Latest company news about What should I do if my mini excavator is weak uphill?

How to solve the problem of small excavator being unable to go uphill?

1: Cause of the problem

1. It may be that the walking motor is damaged and the uphill slope is weak;

2. If the front part of the walk is broken, the excavator will not be able to climb up the slope;

3. The small excavator cannot climb the slope, which may also be a problem with the distributor. Repairing excavators is a technical activity used to restore the functionality of equipment after it has deteriorated or malfunctioned, including various planned repairs and unplanned breakdown repairs and repairs. Also called equipment maintenance. The basic contents of equipment maintenance include: equipment maintenance, equipment inspection and equipment maintenance.

Two: Fault repair

1. First, keep the motor and engine running, and then the fault still indicates that the fault is not here;

2. Secondly, in the front part of the walk, after replacing the pilot valve, the uphill slope still exists;

3. After removing the distributor for inspection, the internal components were damaged. After replacing the damaged parts, the excavator's uphill failure was successfully eliminated.

Three: How to clean the fuel tank and cooling system of a small excavator

The easiest way is to clean, you can prepare a small air compressor. Release the fuel during the cleaning process, but be careful not to let it escape, leaving some fuel behind. The compressed air then reaches the bottom of the fuel tank through the plastic pipe, causing the diesel engine to continuously roll for cleaning. During this process, the position and direction of the gas pipe are constantly changing, thereby cleaning the entire fuel tank. Immediately after purging, the fuel tank is emptied so that impurities suspended in the oil flow out together with the diesel fuel. If the flowing diesel oil becomes dirty, it needs to be cleaned again by the above method until the released oil is free of impurities.

The steam method works well, but it is only suitable for qualified applications. If you have the conditions to use steam, you can try it. When cleaning, you need to drain the diesel, take out the fuel tank, then pour a large amount of water into the tank, introduce the fuel into the water from the filler port, and let the water in the tank boil, which takes about an hour. At this time, the glue and various impurities adhering to the inner wall of the tank are dissolved on the wall or peeled off from the wall. Rinse the water tank thoroughly twice in a row.

Another common method is the solvent method. The chemicals used are caustic or corrosive. First, clean the water tank with hot water, then blow dry with compressed air, then immerse 10% aqueous solution into the water tank, and finally rinse the inside of the water tank with clean water.

After the small excavator engine is turned off, wait for the temperature to drop, drain the coolant, add 15% solution, wait 8 to 12 hours, start the engine, wait for the temperature to rise to 80-90 degrees, stop the cleaning fluid, and immediately release the cleaning fluid to prevent scale precipitation. Then rinse with water until clean.

Some cylinder heads are made of aluminum alloy. At this time, the cleaning solution can be prepared based on the ratio of 50g sodium silicate (commonly called soda ash), 20g liquid soap, 10kg water, cooling system and about 1 hour. Wash the solution and wash with water.


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